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    The project brief was to demolish an 18-storey building inclusive of all services located on the roof. The method implemented was floor-by-floor demolition with demolition specific 360 machines and attachments, along with light weight skid steers, the machinery sited on each floor working down to the next floor down to ground level.

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    This very challenging project at Blackpool Sands involved the strip out of the building, temporary works to allow the remote demolition and removal of the top floor infrastructure, the dismantling of a substantial concrete link bridge and access stairway.

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    Llanddulas Pier, North Wales was systematically reduced with careful planning around low tide, monitoring soft sand conditions, and consideration for local wildlife and environment.

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    We can operate as a stand-alone demolition service or as part of a wider, total operation involving removal, disposal and recycling of waste materials and overall site reconfiguration and remediation.

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    Inglenorth specialises in de-rating buildings and stripping out building internals where organisation and precision are essential.

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    Nuclear demolition / decommissioning is the process whereby a nuclear power plant site is dismantled to the point that it no longer requires measures for radiation protection. Decommissioning is an administrative and technical process that we specialise in.

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    The safe removal of asbestos is an important and critical process required in most demolition projects undertaken within the UK. Around 3500 people die a year from Asbestos related health issues, highlighting the importance of its discovery and removal.

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    Very often there’s a need to deconstruct or dismantle industrial equipment, machinery and full factory systems, rather than just demolishing and scrapping. It might be the size or placement of certain machinery or steel works, or perhaps the need to methodically work through heavy and awkward plant to be reconstructed or assembled at a new site.

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    Inglenorth can offer a complete industrial dismantling and asset recovery service to all our customers.

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    Asset disposal is our speciality, we have an array of contacts available to help in the marketing and selling of used industrial machinery, from vending machines to complete processing facilities.