Celebrating Our Staff Achievements


We understand the significance of qualifications in maintaining high standards of safety, efficiency, and professionalism. Throughout May, several members of staff at Inglenorth took significant strides in their professional development, completing a range of qualifications that enhance their expertise.

Well done to the team members who continue to further themselves and Inglenorth.

Mick Bamber – PASMA Towers for Users:
Mick Bamber renewed his PASMA Towers for Users certification. This qualification ensures Mick’s proficiency in working safely with mobile access towers. By renewing this certification, Mick demonstrates his dedication to staying updated on the latest industry practices and safety regulations. His expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of Inglenorth’s projects.

Marian Bursuc – PASMA Towers, IPAF 3a, and 3b:
Marian renewed multiple certifications in May. These included PASMA Towers, as well as IPAF 3a and 3b. The PASMA Towers qualification consists of assembling, using, and dismantling various types of mobile access towers. The IPAF certification allows Marian to operate aerial work platforms safely and effectively. These certifications enhance Marian’s versatility, enabling him to contribute to a wide range of projects, while ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards.

David Wood – CPCS Theory Test:
David successfully passed his CPCS Theory Test. This comprehensive test covers various areas, including Competent Operator Card, Demolition Plant, Excavator 360, MEWP, and Boom Skid Steer Loader. By passing this test, David reinforces his expertise in operating a range of machinery essential to the demolition industry. His expanded skill set will allow Inglenorth to handle diverse projects efficiently, meeting client requirements with utmost precision.

Tracy Marsh – Mental Health Awareness Diploma:
Tracy completed her Mental Health Awareness Diploma. This certification equips Tracy with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote a positive mental health culture within the company. Tracy’s qualification ensures that Inglenorth’s employees receive the necessary support, fostering a healthy work environment that encourages productivity and well-being.

Jim Rawson – CPCS Theory, NVQ Level 2 Diploma, and Practical Test:
Jim completed the CPCS Theory for excavator 360, demonstrating his years of experience in operating this essential demolition equipment. Jim also started his NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Plant Operations (Construction) with a specialisation in Excavating. This qualification further enhances Jim’s knowledge and competence in plant operations. Furthermore, he continued with the practical  test required to renew his CPCS Competent Operator Card, ensuring his continued eligibility for operating machinery safely and effectively.

Our recent certifications represent our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the demolition industry enhancing our ability to deliver top quality services to our clients.

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