Using the right equipment for the job

Very often there’s a need to deconstruct or dismantle industrial equipment, machinery and full factory systems, rather than just demolishing and scrapping. It might be the size or placement of certain machinery or steel works, or perhaps the need to methodically work through heavy and awkward plant to be reconstructed or assembled at a new site.

Whatever your industrial dismantling needs, Inglenorth can help you with planning, lifting and moving of equipment and materials that could and should be effectively recycled or reassembled elsewhere. The issue we see all too regularly is the use of a crane when a lift system would be more appropriate, ensuring that pieces that should be straight, remain so. A lifting system can be used to lift at multiple points and keep a structure level and that’s a key advantage, let alone the fact that it can be used where larger cranes perhaps can’t.

So, whatever your industrial dismantling needs, we’d be happy to talk with you.