We are a Proud Part of the DePlant UK Alliance

We are a Proud Part of the DePlant UK Alliance

Deplant UK is an alliance of specialist organisations working together to provide dynamic solutions to decommissioning in the most highly regulated sectors including, nuclear, oil and gas and the chemical industry.

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Collectively, the Alliance delivers solutions for; Demolition and reverse engineering, Asbestos management and abatement, Civils and M&E engineering services; project management and design and Radiological protection and hazardous waste management

What we do for the Alliance

We are an experienced demolition contractor and have in-house core expertise to undertake all aspects of demolition, dismantling and de-planting. We are fully compliant members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and have experience of working in radiation controlled nuclear environments coupled with demolishing high-rise city centre structures, bridges, chimneys and marine piers often as Principal Contractor.