discovery and assured managed recovery

The safe removal of asbestos is an important and critical process required in most demolition projects undertaken within the UK. Around 3500 people die a year from Asbestos related health issues, highlighting the importance of its discovery and removal.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring material, has been used extensively in some 500,000 buildings in the UK over the past few decades. Where removal is required, Inglenorth have the infrastructure and expertise to accommodate both small and large projects.

Inglenorth apply the most effective techniques for asbestos removal, supported by detailed method statements designed to always ensure best practice. We offer an experienced labour force, supported by one of the largest plant portfolios in the industry.

All our projects are managed within industry legislation, approved codes of practice and HSE guidance notes. Rigorous audits ensure all quality control procedures are maintained both internally, and by externally independent organisations.

Our quality assurance is recognised through the number of long-term clients for whom we continue to serve. These range from public sector (education, NHS, housing and local authorities) to private sector clients, including most of the major contractors in the UK.

Inglenorth’s approach to asbestos removal and disposal is designed to cause the minimum amount of inconvenience to the client. We work with clients on projects nationally, many of which are in challenging environments. This includes working on buildings of significant architectural interest. Works at height; where asbestos use has been extensive and may pose an additional risk due to its poor condition.

A customer relations management commitment ensures we meet project requirements, from the early stages of negotiation, through to completion.