Inglenorth Operatives Commended for Swift Response at Northwest Hospital


Inglenorth operatives have been praised for their prompt response and compassionate actions at a North-West Hospital, which were recognised by Senior Hospital Management.

Three of our dedicated operatives, Maz, John, and Mick, were engaged in internal strip-out works at the hospital when they found themselves in a situation that demanded their immediate attention. While working on the hospital premises, they encountered a lady screaming in agony in the hospital car park. The lady was in severe pain, accompanied by her distraught daughter, who was unable to assist her mother or leave her side to seek help. Without a second thought, Maz, John, and Mick sprang into action. Our three operatives not only offered their support but also provided much-needed comfort to the mother and her daughter. Recognising the urgency of the situation, one of them promptly went to retrieve a wheelchair from within the hospital. They then helped the mother into the wheelchair and accompanied both the mother and daughter to the hospital’s casualty department.

Staying by their side, they ensured that the two women were seen to promptly and received the care they desperately needed. Their unwavering commitment to helping those in need showcased the exceptional character of our team members and their dedication to the well-being of others.

The selfless actions of Maz, John, and Mick did not go unnoticed. The senior management at the Northwest Hospital Trust was deeply moved by the kindness and compassion displayed by our operatives. In response, they conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to all of our operatives involved and kindly treated them to a bonus, which was much appreciated.

We are very proud of Maz, John, and Mick’s actions, and most importantly, we are happy that they were able to help with the situation and wish the lady a speedy recovery. We are humbled by the recognition from the North West Hospital Trust and are inspired to continue fostering a culture of compassion and dedication within our organisation.

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