Breaking Stereotypes: Inglenorth’s Charlene Whiteside Leads the Charge for Women in Construction

Charlene Inglenorth

In a field mostly male occupied, Inglenorth’s Charlene Whiteside is making waves as the only woman amongst her colleagues at one of our sensitive sites in Wirral. Her presence is challenging stereotypes in the construction industry, where women remain vastly underrepresented.

Originating from Higher Walton near Preston, Charlene’s interest in construction was sparked by her father, Eddie Whiteside, known for his salvaging expertise featured on “Salvage Hunters.” Together, they worked dismantling old buildings and collecting materials, laying the groundwork for Charlene’s eventual career path.

Now at 43, Charlene’s determination remains despite her diagnosis of emphysema eight years ago. Her commitment to her work is evident as she navigates the challenges of her job, including covering over 30,000 steps daily during her work at Manchester Airport.

In an industry where only 12.5% of the workforce is female, Charlene is an example to all women aspiring to work in the construction industry. Her colleagues respect her for her abilities and work ethic, and she has encountered neither discrimination nor harassment in her role.

Charlene is actively encouraging other women to pursue careers in construction, urging them to break free from gender stereotypes. Her message is clear: “Go for it! You can achieve anything.”

Charlene’s story serves as a reminder that gender should not limit one’s career aspirations. As she continues to thrive in her role, she paves the way for a more inclusive future in the construction industry.

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