Client – Warden Construction Ltd
Project type – Strip Out and Demolition
Project length – 30 weeks
Project price – £1,200,000

Issues we needed to think about before commencing works.

  • Site was on a live promenade.
  • Pedestrian access on all four sides of the building had to be maintained.
  • Overhead tram power cables.
  • Blackpool Illuminations.
  • Job had to be undertaken during tourist season.
  • Live concerts to be held directly opposite the works during high season.
  • Live Bus lanes.
  • Live Taxi ranks and deliveries to local businesses.

The Sands, Blackpool Demolition was completed in 3 concurrent but well-defined phases.

Phase 1 – Strip out of the whole building over multiple floors.

Phase 2 – Removal and demolition of the roof and surrounding facades

Phase 3 – Removal of a concrete staircase and link bridge leading to the Houndshill shopping complex and car park.

What was needed at the site:

  • Manual dismantling
  • Remote machinery
  • Craneage
  • Heavy excavators
  • Temporary works
  • Traffic Management
  • Carefully managed waste disposal

This very challenging project involved the strip out of the building, temporary works to allow the remote demolition and removal of the top floor infrastructure, the dismantling of a substantial concrete link bridge and access stairway.

The build-up to these works demanded meticulous planning and negotiation with the local authority over several weeks.

The pinnacle of these efforts materialised in a strategically executed night time road closure to allow the bridge to be removed in one well planned and meticulous operation and in line with a very stringent reopening schedule imposed by the local highways and council.

Despite the complexity of the project, the strip out of the building, the removal of the upper floor and roof top structures along with the separation and lift phases of the bridge and access stairways transpired seamlessly.

Inglenorth’s adept handling of the project underscores our commitment to precision and reliability in delivering exceptional results for our clients.